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Keeley Morgan
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General Information

Name: Keeley Morgan
Birthday: 28 May, 1988
Address: Your Personal Heaven or Hell ;)
Phone: +1 123-456-7890
Address text block: Address text block

Hi, my name is Keeley Morgan

>Welcome All,

My name is Keeley Morgan, though I am known by many names. Some choose to call me Beautiful, Gorgeous,
Babe or Hun. Whilst others call me Princess, Mistress or Miss. My name is not important but who I am is. So sit back, read on and prepare to discover the woman from your wildest fantasies.

By clicking on my profile you have unknowingly stumbled across one of the most powerfully seductive women on the planet.
There are only a handful of women like me in the UK, but I am the youngest and definitely the most addictive.

So what makes me so enticing? It's simple.

I'm a mysterious and seductive woman. My charms ensnare men in bonds of irresistable desire, usually leading them into compromising, dangerous and humiliating situations. I have the ability to entrance and hypnotize my victims with my beauty, which is undeniable, my body which is both captivating and demands attention and my mind......vivid, prurient, insidious and enslaving.

I am a deep, dark, sensually erotic woman. But that's not all I am.

To look at me sometimes I appear quite innocent. My 4ft10 stature, my petite frame, my size 3 feet and the dimples that softly dent my cheeks when I smile all lead men to believe that butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. It's not until they see that dark, alluring glint in my eye, the cheeky confidence in my smile, the feminine curves of my size 10 body, the supple roundness of my 32DD breasts and when they discover the erotic power of my mind that they realize if there is any innocence left in me it's been tainted by sexual power ;o)

You will notice from my pictures, videos and camshows that my eye makeup is always vibrant, colourful and perfect. This is because I believe the eyes tell you alot about a person so I like drawing attention to my eyes and letting men see the real me.
My makeup is a trademark of sorts but the main thing that sets me aside from the rest is my multiple piercings and tattoos. I have 17 peircings and 7 tattoos.
My piercings are as follows;-

3x Lobe Piercings in each ear.
1x Tragus Piercing in each ear.
1x Cartilidge Piercing in each ear.
1x Nose Stud
1x Tongue Stud
1x Nipple Piercings, Both breasts.
2x Belly button piercings
1x Clit Piercing.

My tattoos and piercings can be seen in my free gallery.

Though I am a naturally dominant woman, I am also very feminine. I love getting my hair and nails done, getting a tan, getting a massage, getting in shape and shopping. However, I enjoy these things more when it's other people paying for them.

Read the 'What I offer' tab to find out how to really please me.

Xx SeductiveMistress xX